5 Steps to Cut Your Home Heating Bills in Half

When your furnace is working 24/7, it’s hard to keep the energy bills low, however, it’s still possible. There are proven ways that will allow you save money on energy bills and still use your devices and keep the house warm.

  1. Use the sun.
    The sun can be a good energy and heat provider even in winter. If you have solar batteries you could use those to keep your devices at home running without electricity. However, if you open the windows and let the sunshine in you will notice that the house is getting warmer. A quick hint, it’s better to close the curtains at night, that will allow you to save some heat. There are also special thermal curtains!
  2. Experiment with furnace’s thermostat.
    You could save about 10% of your heating costs if you install one of those controllable thermostats. Those are recommended by the government and they can allow you control the temperature practically fully. That way, when you’re not at home it can work on minimum and the temperature will raise when you arrive. Remember that turning your thermostat 2 degrees down allows you to save 6% of your energy bill!
  3. Adjust heating levels in your rooms.
    If you live in a large house you might want to close some rooms to save the heat. Some thermostats allow that, however, if you are not sure how to do this, talk to your furnace inspector. If you close a part of your house and seal the doors, you will see that it’s fairly easy to save plenty of money this way.
  4. Service your systems.
    If you have a furnace, you have to make sure that your furnace is always clean and inspected. If you don’t check the ducts, you will see that plenty of heat is lost and your energy bills continuously get higher. It’s crucial to keep your furnace fully serviced as it would also prevent it from breaking or getting damaged.
  5. Keep the heat inside.
    There are so many people who forget to insulate or weatherstrip their houses during the colder seasons. If you don’t insulate properly, the heat will escape and you will end up paying more. If you have a chimney, remember that it has to be closed when you don’t use it. You also have to use bath fans rarely, as it is a chance for heat to escape.

If you want to start saving money, modifying and changing your furnace is a good starting point. It’s fairly easy to save up to 45% of your heating bills if you try to create some rules and insulate your house. There are also other devices and systems that can help you on your way.