About Us

We have been fixing your furnaces and HVAC systems for 6 years and we are so proud of this! Our company is not the first one in our area, but we are taking progress seriously and we never fail to update our standards and to improve.

Our specialists are all certified and they have plenty of experience. We train our workers to work in real situations and work together, so we practice on sight training. We let our newbies experience what it’s like to fix everything, discuss details with clients and please customers by giving them a chance to see how professionals do this.

We also take good care of our equipment and try to get the best tools as soon as those become available. We believe in technology and think that good equipment can motivate our employees to work better and faster. We also try to keep our workers updated and provide essential training to prepare them for the new changes in technology and furnace appliances.

We do a whole spectrum of furnace and HVAC works, which include A to Z care. If you’re planning to get a new furnace, you could turn to our specialists to arrange a meeting and choose the best model. Our A to Z care also includes installation, regular inspections and teaching you how to treat your furnace. Our workers will train you to set the right settings and give you a few tips that could prolong the life of your furnace.

We also work with furnace cleaning (regular or not), we can find a solution to your problem and/or fix it ourselves. Our specialists have plenty of experience in dealing with broken furnaces, so we can help you in 99% of cases! Our clients are satisfied with our work and we can give you 6-months warranty!

We do consultations online or on the phone too, so if you’ve been experiencing strange smells, noises or anything else, don’t hesitate and give us a call! Remember that some furnace issues can be dangerous to your property and/or your personal health!

Your feedback and opinion are very important to us. We would like you to leave us a comment on our work. If you want to, you could call our office and leave your feedback that way. If our worker left a bad impression or caused you any inconveniences, we would like to know about this.

By giving us your honest opinion you are helping our company to grow and change in a better way. We can promise that your thoughts will be taken into consideration and we will work to eliminate some mistakes and find ways to serve you even better.