How to Choose the Best Furnace for Your House

Getting a new furnace is always a tough decision both from financial and personal points. When your old furnace is dead and you have no option but to buy a brand-new model, you might realize that you have no idea which model you want to get. There are a few things you have to consider before signing a check. If you’re looking furnace cleaning or maintenance before you bite the bullet on a new one be sure to check out

Choosing the Fuel Type

The type of furnace you need will depend on the type of fuel your home is using. If you are not sure about the type, call a technician. There are the following types of fuels for furnaces:

You have to remember that natural gas furnaces are practically everywhere now, which makes those easier to repair or clean. Also, natural gas is the most inexpensive type of fuel, which is good in the cold areas. If you live in a place distant from cities and communities, you might not have that natural gas option. Then you can use propane (in bottles) as a source of fuel. Electricity is a very clean source, but it’s very expensive.

There are models of furnaces that will work with wood. Coal models are practically nonexistent now. Before you decide, check the prices in your area. That will help if you are unsure about the type of fuel.

Choosing a Brand

There are many famous brands for furnaces (Day & Night, Goodman, Ruud, Daiken, etc.). When you’re getting a unit for your house, you have to consider the brand name too. Read comments about different units and check if that brand is reliable. Remember that a new furnace is a big investment, so you don’t want to risk here.

Choosing Special Features

If you know that your house has some problematic spots, like higher humidity levels, you have to consider getting an HVAC unit that won’t dry down the air that much. There are models that don’t go as hard on your house. There are also models that come along with a built-in humidifier. If you have a baby in the house or you are allergic to anything, you might want to get a model with an air purifier. Even though those features will cost you more, they will make your life more comfortable.

Choosing the Right Size

Furnaces have sizes just as clothing garments do. When you’re reading about a specific model, check if it’s the right size for your place. You have to check the BTU number of the unit. Remember that larger properties require units with higher BTU.

Considering Efficiency

All of those furnaces that were installed before 1992 are now considered outdated and inefficient. Those models were created before the new standards appeared and they didn’t convert that much fuel into heat. The newer models are much more efficient, however, there are still differences between brands and models.

The AFUE rate (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) has to be at least 90%. If you can find higher rate, it would be even better. That number means that 90% of the energy you’re paying for is converted into heat. That number is enough to save your money and keep your house warm.

However, you have to remember that if your ducts are located in the attic, about 35% of heat will be lost due to the improper location. Also, the 90% of AFUE doesn’t guarantee you that 90 % if your house is poorly insulated.

Considering the Location

When you’re getting a furnace, a location would play a big role. For example, when you put a furnace in the attic, you will end up paying much more for your bills.

One of the best places to put your furnace is a basement. Placing your unit outside is not the best option if you live in a very cold area or if you have plenty of snow in winters. You could also spare a closet or a very small room for your unit. Some people do that, so inspections and checks are not that time-consuming.