Our Team

Our team consists of friendly people who love their jobs and are willing to help you make your house a better place. We work 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and no matter when you call us, we will be ready to help you with your furnace problem.

  • Samantha Smith.
    Whenever you call, our Samantha will pick up the phone and guide you through our services. She is always ready to listen to you your story and she can find the best solution for your problem. She has been working as our manager for 5 years now and we are extremely proud of having her on our team!
  • Anthony Donovan.
    Anthony is our first cleaner. He can fix practically every furnace issue and he is very competent. He dealt with furnaces of different brands and is very creative, that’s why fixing and finding the best ways is his main responsibility.
  • Jessica Cunningham.
    Jessica is a certified specialist who can inspect, clean and make your furnace work much better. She is a mother of two awesome kids, that’s why she usually works out of office and arrives at your place when you need her to.
  • Savannah Rogers.
    Savannah is our newbie. She works with furnaces and other HVAC systems. If you need someone to help you with your annual inspection or choose the best filters for your furnace, she is always here for you.
  • Billy Murray.
    Billy is a go-to person if you are planning to get a new furnace. He knows the market exceptionally well and can easily find the best option for you. He also knows how to fix a flawed system and is finishing his education to become a certified furnace inspector.
  • Killian Dennis.
    Killian is our manager. He almost always stays in office and helps us modernize our approaches with clients.

Our specialists have all the necessary tools to keep your furnace up and running. They try to do the best job and will never leave your machine broken.